The City in the Sky


I'll add to this as I think of more and / or if a term comes up in the story.

Cell plane: A light aircraft that uses hydrogen fuel cells (see H-car below). These are faster than p-planes but need reinforced fuel tanks in case of a crash. They are not permitted in some areas because of their explosive potential (e.g near Breath City) but are popular among those rich enough to own their own light aircraft.

D-car: Short for "dinosaur car". Any car that uses an internal combustion engine.

E-car: Electric cars. Some people prefer these as they're afraid of the explosive possibility of hydrogen.

K-Plane: Old fashioned kerosene burning jets.

H-car: A car that uses hydrogen fuel cells to run. These are more popular than electric cars because they are quicker to fuel. However, battery charging time is not that bad.

Hydrogen Plane or H-Plane: Modern jets use hydrogen as fuel instead of kerosene to be more environmentally friendly. The compressor blades at the front of the engine are necessary to make sure that there's enough oxygen. In the case of kerosene engines, they are also there to heat up the air.

H-Plant: An installation that uses renewable energy to convert water into hydrogen and oxygen.

P-Plane: A light aircraft that runs on batteries. The wings are covered in solar cells to recharge the batteries in flight. These usually have low wing loading. They are called p-planes because the technical term for a solar cell is "photo voltaic cell".