The City in the Sky

Note on Season Names

From the graphs, it looks like the projected whether in Canada would be somthing like this:

General temperature variation would be similar to today but a bit hotter in the warmer months (maybe even a little colder during the colder months).  However, during what would now be considered summer (including the end of spring and start of autumn), there will be a higher likelihood of variation of rain (could be dry or could be a torrential downpour).  During the rest of the year there it is more likely precipitation (could be snow or hail, etc) would be consistant from day to day.  There would probably be more rain overall in the colder time of year.  Bear in mind also that heat energy drives winds so the warmest months would, on average, have higher winds.  However, there were no graphs for winds.  Add to that that scientists are already predicting that there is a greater likelihood of forest fires later this century.

Because of all the above, the warmest months of the year are called the "harsh season" and the rest of the year is known as the "gentle seaon".